Tip's And Trick's To Score 95+ In Class 9th Examination | How to start class 9th


Everyone is telling that class 9th is so much tough. I agree with this statement but, this statement matters then only when we are not prepared well for our examination.
So, today's in this article I am going to share some most important tips & tricks that would help you to get 95+ Marks in class 9th examination that i personally use and scored good in my 9th class!

Topics Covered In This Article.

  • Decide your future plan for class 9
  • Most useful tips for class 9 
  • Timetable for class 9 
  • Best and important books for class 9
  • Study time for class 9
  • Subject wise best plan for class 9
  • Priority subjects for class 9
  • Mistakes to be avoid in class 9

Decide Your future for class 9th

Before going to class 9th you all should learn from school's notebook & prepare for class 8th examination.
Now here are some points that you have to follow from beginning of class 9th class.
  1. Study Focused - You need to focus on your studies from starting of class 9th only.
  2. Vast Syllabus - The syllabus of class 9th is very vast so you need to give equal time to all subjects & study more hours a day.
  3. Deep Understanding Of Chapter's - You need to read full chapters of every subject instant of maths & understand it more deeply to solve MCQ based questions.

Most Useful Tips for class 9

Here are the top most useful tips that you need to follow.
  1. Study With All Your Power - You have to give you full focus to you studies.
  2. Don't Forgot To Take Sometime To Have Fun - This point is very much important because if we will not take some break in a day then our studies will be burden for us.
  3. Balance - We need to balance our studies & playing time properly.

Timetable for class 9

The timetable will help you both in the short & long run.
  1. Make weekly goals - You need to make weekly goal of you studies by this you will not get easily distracted by anything else.
  2. Reward your self every week - When you seen that you are constantly following the routine then start rewarding your self. By this you will not full boring.

Best and Important Books for class 9

If you started learning from all books then you will be never score more than 50+ marks.
You need to limit your learning resources as follow it properly.
  1. NCERT book as a main book of all subjects.
  2. Read chapters properly.
  3. Understand all the concept given in the particular chapters.
  4. Start watching chapters video lecture in YouTube for free.
  5. Start solving NCERT examples / Intext question / Back questions.
  6. If not understanding properly from NCERT then go through reference book of particular subject.
  7. Write your Complete notes by reading NCERT & start solving best Q+A by NCERT.

How Much Time To Study in class 9

Make a study timetable of 5 to 5.5 hours a day & start following it properly.
Subject Wise Study Plan.
  1. Maths - 1.5 hr (Daily).
  2. Science - 1.5 hr (Daily).
  3. Sst / English / Hindi - 1hr by 2 days gap in a week.
  4. Homework - 1hr.

Priority Subjects in class 9

  1. Maths - Solve all the examples, exercise questions as many times as you can. Learn all the derivations by heart. Sometimes straight forward questions of 4 marks come out of this. Do questions from Rs Agarwal.
  2. Science - Do all internal questions & exercise question. You can take help of reference book u like Also balance theory and numerical. Equally all are important.

Mistakes To Be Avoid in class 9

  1. Avoid concentrate at one subject for more than require.
  2. Weekend lagging behind subject practice.


It's 100% genuine & authentic information that i have shared with our audience. If you follows this steps then it is not more harder to score 95+ marks in class 9th. 


If you have any doubt or need any study material comment.

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If you have any doubt or need any study material comment.

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